Crafts Issue No. 270 January/February 2018


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The Jan/Feb 2018 issue of Crafts is out now

It’s hard to avoid Collect, the Crafts Council’s international art fair for contemporary objects, in our first issue of the 2018, with a series of stories introducing you to some of the people and projects coming to this year’s fair.

Ceramic designer Peter Ting tells us why decided to co-found a new gallery, Ting-Ying, promoting to artists and makers working with Blanc de Chine porcelain, while renowned fine art photography Garry Fabian Miller explains what inspired him to collaborate with Dovecot Studios on an extraordinary series of gun-tufted rugs and a monumental new tapestry.

Plus: Ineke Hans tackles the future of furniture; Edwin Heathcote reflects on the new Design Museum’s first year; a trip to the studio of guitar-maker Alex Bishop; Glenn Adamson sends us a Letter from America; Roger Law reviewed. 

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